560th Maint Co.

The bulk of my time was spent at Camp Ratcliff, 1st Cav., An Khe. MOS 44C. My section consisted of machinists, welders, mechanics and canvas repair. Pictures show shop area which is at the base of Hong Kong Mt., located inside perimeter at main gate. Other support companies in same vicinity were transportation, supplies and fuel. 1st Cav., field hospital, air base and main PX were deeper in compound. Charlie's operations were carried on outside and inside of perimeter by tunnels used at his discretion. Photos are shop area of 560th Maint. Facilities were mortared as you can see the roof of shop, the very first night of arrival at An Khe. We were sent there from Qui Nhon to replace another unit. The group picture is the younger men working directly under me that called me the "old man".

.............. William Perkins