5th Maintenance Battalion (DS)

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Don Strine's account of the April 9th 1968 526 CC&S Sapper Attack

Ronald A Meisch's account of the April 9 1968 526th sapper attack

Lyle Provost's account of the 526th April 9th sapper attack and the May 5th rocket attack at the 156th HEM Danang

Scott D'Onay's photos of the 5th Maintenance Bn  Hq compound area taken in 2014


Norman Hart's Tuy Hoa Element pages

Pvt Gregory Watkins' Silver Star citation

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2024 5th Maintenance Battalion (DS) Reunion will take place in Gatlinburg TN,
from Monday, August 26, 2024 to Friday, August 30, 2024.







All Companies, HQ & Main Support, 526th CC&S / E Co, 560th LEM, 552nd LEM, 554th LEM, 618th HEM, Task Force 593-1 LZ English, 593-2 Tuy Hoa, 149 Ord. 2020

Reunion 2019
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
A Great Success!


1st Edition of Battalion newsletter January 1968 "In The Know"




Crest Heraldry

From U.S. Army Heraldic Crests: A Complete Illustrated History of Authorized Distinctive Unit Insignia By Barry Jason Stein

5th Maintenance Battalion
Design approved November 27, 1967 The star and cogwheel from the arms of Italy, and the green from the national flag, commemorate the five campaign honors for service in Italy in World War II. The laurel leaves denote the Meritorious Unit Commendation. The unit’s direct descent from the 5 th Ordnance Battalion is shown by the projectile from the coat of arms of that organization. The star refers to the unit’s reorganization as a COSTAR unit while in the Republic of Vietnam. The cogwheel also represents the unit’s mission and ability to provide immediate coordinated response for maintenance and supply support.

World War II:
Tunisia, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, North Apennines,
Po Valley;
Defense, Counteroffensive Phases II/III/IV/V/ VI/VII, Tet & Tet/69 Counteroffensives, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter-Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counteroffensive.


Those members needing help

Gaspar Gonzalez would like to hear from anyone who knew his brother
Nelson Ramirez
, a member of the 526th CC&S. He lost his life in a motar attack while TDY in Danang.

Michael Crowley Main Support Co is looking for any one who served with him in Tuy Hoa and remembers an ambush in late June, early July and also involved a Navy hitchhiker.

John K Eckmayer would like anyone who served with his father John S Eckmayer, Main Support '68, to get in touch with him.

Dick Webber would like anyone that knew his brother Sgt Carlton Webber in the 526 CC&S '68-'69 to get in touch with him.

ED Metzler 526th CC+S Needs help in getting disability benefits for PTSD. Hehas no records for proof and has been denied 3 times. If anyone is able to help him with this, please contact him. Thanks

Faustino Valenzuela Jr. Would like to hear from anyone who knew his uncle, Pvt Pedro Valenzuela, in the 526th CC+S. He died in the April 9th 1968 sapper attack.

Rachel Hardin Patterson would like to hear from anyone who knew her father, SSgt Kenneth A Hardin, in the 526th CC+S. He died in the April 9th 1968 sapper attack.

Gary Thomas Needs help with PTSD. Records N/A He needs someone who remembers him in 554th

Del Cannon Needs help with VA claim from anyone that remembers him

Roy Sharpe Needs help with PTSD from anyone who remembers
him from the CC&S CO in Charang Vally

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These are the latest members to sign the guest book

  • JOHN MARK WEIR------------552nd Maint Co Feb 1968-Feb 1969
  • James Brown--------------------552nd Maint Co 1966-Sept 1968
  • Woodrow (Woody) Middleton-- 526th CC&S/ E Co Trp Cmd, July 68-July69
  • Bill Wiggins------------------560th Maint Co Jan 68 - Jan 69
  • Michael Crowley-------------Hq & Main Support Co Sept 68 - July 69
  • James Spencer--------------526th CC&S Feb 68 - Feb 69
  • Dick Sperling----------------526th CC&S May 68 - Nov 68
  • Randy Vogel-----------------560th Maint Co/552nd Maint Co--Dec 68- July 70
  • Jack Summers---------------526th CC&S---65-66
  • Edward Janus----------------Main Support Co --68
  • Willie Nixon------------------526th CC+S--Jan 68-Sept 68
  • Lawrence Stovall-------------526th CC+S/ E Co--Jan 69-Jan 70
  • Don Auffhammer------------560th Maint Co---Sept 69-Feb 70
  • Steve Hamlin----------- -----560th Maint Co-- Jan 68-Dec 68
  • Richard Clinton--------------Main Support Co/560th Maint Co Mar67-Mar68
  • Kenneth Beebe--------------552nd Maint Co --- Jan 69-Jan 70






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