TDY Danang


A few weeks after the sapper attack on the 526th CC&S, a group of men were sent TDY to the Danang Depot. At the time the 526th was about 25 men down and they took even more men to be attached to the 156th HEM Co. in Danang.

On May 5th, 1968 during a rocket attack on the compound, the tent housing Pfc Jesus Estrada Bautista, Pfc Nelson R. Ramirez, and Pvt Wayne Joseph Bedwell took a direct hit and the three young men were killed. Bedwell died on the 6th of May. Sgt. Fredrick Burge, who was assigned to the 156th, also died in the attack.

I do not know how many men were also in thet tent but I know one of the wounded was a man named Jake Boone. He was severely wounded reportedly loseing a foot and leg, I knew Jake, we went to AIT togther at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and we flew to Vietnam together.

Another sad thing about this horrible event was there were two Ramirez's in the 526th, Nelson and Roberto. It was said that the Dept. Of The Army notified Roberto's family that he was killed. I was told Roberto was sent home shortly after that.

I knew about the rocket attack in Danang but did not know the names of those 526th members killed. After searching for a long time I put this all together so everyone would know what happened.

There are stories that go with each name on The Wall and the saying on the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial reflects my and other vets feelings, It's Our Duty To Remember...............Stephen C. Uchniat


Wayne Joseph Bedwell

Nelson R. Ramirez

Jesus Estrada Bautista


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