Richard Clinton

Main Support Co, 560th Lt Maint Co

I started my tour in Main Support in the motor pool, transferred into the main shop (tents) and worked with a lot of great guys swapping out engines in 5 ton tractors. Later I was also part of the Contact Team that went out at nights to repair tractors at the companies we supported. We had a deuce and half with parts and a welding trailer along with a jeep and a wrecker. Did fender welds, turbo charger swaps etc. Moved to the 560th in Oct and was with them until March 68 including the relocation to AnKhe. Most of our work was on 5 ton tractors, engine swaps, clutch jobs etc. A group of us also volunteered to go TDY to AnKhe in Nov/Dec 67 to drive tankers from AnKhe to Pleiku and occasionally to DakTo.

TDY with 359th Trans Co