Originally a New Jersey boy, I went to AIT at the Army's Ordnance Training Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, for Wheel and Track Vehicle Mechanics, MOS 63H20, a 14 week course. This was the summer of 1966. The "flaming piss pot" (ordnance icon) was the brass we wore.

I really found being in the the 86th complex and the 618th sheer stateside .... drudgery. My tour was July to July 67 68. Fortunately, I got to be TDY with a team of 618th mechanics to a 4th Infantry and a Log maint. unit in Pleiku during Sept. 67. There was some combat shit there and the mud conditions were terrible.

In very early January 68, I, and one other mechanic from the 618th, were mercifully sent TDY again to a very small combat service support Task Force unit supporting 1st Cav. elements on various LZ's in I &II  corps.  I think I've finally discovered who this Task Force served under within Qui Nhon 1st Log structure. For me, this TDY would last until close to my DEROS in mid July. During this time was when Brothers In Arms tight friendships were formed, even for us support troops, as we experienced a fair amount of hostile activity. ............ Fred Garnes