The 560th Maintenance Co Machine Shop

Upper: Allan Winger, Lower: Allan at work



LeBlond gap bed lathe

Allan Winger was in the 560th at An Khe from February of 1969 to September of 1970 and was a machinist
in the Service platoon.

"I got there after the 68 Tet Offensive. From what I heard when I got there, they had just moved the machinist equipment out of the mobile van and into the shop. They blew up what was an empty truck. What became my LeBlond Gap Lathe, along with a smaller Sheldon lathe, a small shaper and a few other things, were safely set up in the shop. I remember going into the shop at night with the lights out and it seemed like I was looking at the stars. But they were bullet holes from that offensive. They had patched the big holes but not the small ones. ............Allan Winger