Five Five Deuce  
I was with the 552nd in Plieku from 9 Feb '68 to our leaving for Qui Nhon mid June/July. I left 10 Feb.'69. According to some letters and few pictures I somehow still have; our Company was located in the southwest corner of the compound. We were living in tents at the time, but just before leaving, built a couple large barracks. They housed 40 to 50 men. As I recall we would have just liked staying in the tents. Records that I've found are saying the 552nd Lt.Co. arrived in Viet Nam on 28 April '65 and departed on 15 Nov. '70. Their previous station was Ft. Sill, OK.
While in Qui Nhon we received an award for Outstanding Service from the 8th Transportation Group. In that group was the 54th Trans. Bn. which had five companies...the 57th, 512th, 523rd, 666th, 669th. All were Transportation. The 8th was a part of the 1st Logistical Command that was formed for support in the II Corp area, Qui Nhon, Plieku, Doc To, and Kon Tum during the early part of 1965. I'm sure we were in Direct Support of other companies in the area as well. ........Dwight Akers
  Night tower photo by Jim Felsecker  

Five Five Deuce occupied the south end of the Bn Hq / MSC compound in Phu Tai Valley '69-70 and was combined with Main Support to form the 149th Maint Co 86th Maint Bn in Charang Valley in November '70 when the 5th Maintenance Bn was deactivated.

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