Reunion 2015



This is what I did on my summer vacation. First try to find plane tickets to Portland Oregon at a resonable price. Almost impossible so I bit the bullet and got the best I could find. That was from Boston to Seattle/Tacoma in Washington. I took a great picture of Mt Ranier on our approach to Sea/Tac.The savings allowed me to rent a car (most of the cost) which, as it turned out, Ken Hamblin drove more than I did. He volunteered.Anyway, we arrived at Oxford Suites Jantzen Beach around six thirty or seven PM, checked in and tried to sneak to our room before being spotted. Didn't. Stowed our gear in the room an made our way to our meeting room. We were greeted at the door by Ken and Richard and later by the other guests. I had commerative pins made and handed them out. Jim Jensen had gotten some craft beer that he thought would be a good idea to share at the reunion but he bought it too soon and it never made it out of his house. All our members brought items for the raffle and auction on Friday night.

Thursday at 9:00 AM we were hearded onto the bus for the Columbia River Gorge sightseeing tour.Our first stop was the Crown Point Vista House overlooking the Columbia river valley. After about 20 minutes it was time to move on. The bus driver drove around the circle behind the Vista House, a feat not to be duplicated. It was TIGHT and at times the bus was up on the steps. Because of a closed road, we had to backtrack to get to our next stop, Multnomah Falls. A short walk under the highway broght us within photo distance, except for the Pins whose camera could take a picture of Plymouth Rock from California. Jack and Denise made their way up to the bridge and got pictures of us looking down.

Now, off to the fish hatchery and the Bonneville Dam. Bonneville Lock amd Dam was built on The Columbia River and was operational in 1937. It has 20 generating turbines and produces over 1000 megawatts of electricity. The fish hatchery is located close to the dam and covers a large area. The fish range in size from minnows to almost full grown. There were a few sturgeon that were really, really big! After we left the hatchery, we drove to Hood River for lunch. We split up and Ken, Deb, Jadz, and me went to the Big Horse Brew Pub where we met up with J.C.Barnett, also a member of the 5th who lives in the area. After we left there we rode to a winery/brewery in the area and sampled some craft beers and wines. It was a great place to unwind a bit.

Back to the hotel to get ready for the banquet. The banquet room opened at 6:00 and the guests trickeled in until we were all there. Ashley 'Carolina' Sommerlin said a fer appropriate words to open the banquet. We ate, took pictures, renewed old friendships and made new ones. There were several new faces ( FNG's) in attendance. more later