'07 5th Maintenance Battalion Reunion

The 3rd 5th Maintenance Battalion Reunion was a great success with the largest participation so far. Jeff Wetjen did a great job of getting it organized and negotiated a great rate for us at the Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs. The festivity highlight was the sitdown dinner held at the Embassy Suite dining room on Friday nite. The food and the reminiscing was outstanding.
A great time was had by all................John T Brown III

.... reunion was great. Fantastic. I also thought the dinner at the hotel was very nice, but also the BBQ at Jeff Wetjen's. He and his wife were very hospitable considering we all were "just some left over junk yard dogs." Thanks so much to Jeff and his wife..............Jim Michaud


from left to right Jim Michaud 526th, Gary Aumiller MSC, John T Brown III MSC, Billy Popham MSC/560th, Jeff Wetjen 526th/E Co, Ken Hamblin MSC, Dennis Lynk 510th Eng/MSC, Greg Chew MSC, Roger Bland 526th/E Co    not pictured George Dotson